Plushy Tuggy Toy – Its Awesome!

Toys.  Seems like you can never have enough dog toys.  Doesn’t matter if you have one dog or five dogs – MORE TOYS!  When shopping for toys, sturdiness tends to be one of the top criteria – who wants to purchase a toy only to have it destroyed an hour after you get it home?  Frankly its a waste of money and where does it leave you?  With a pooch who wants MORE TOYS!

The Jolly Ball Tug-a-mal is one of those toys that is going to make everyone in the house happy!  Plushy, tough, tuggy, squeaky – its a bit of everything!  Dogs can entertain themselves with it, play with a canine friend or play with you!  A tough squeaky ball forms the center of this toy with handles on either end.  You grab one handle, your dog grabs the other and you both PULL!  Squeak goes the ball in the center and the game is on!  Once your dog realizes how to squeak his toy, he can carry it around, squeaking at will, until you are ready to share another game with him.  One dog on either end is another popular game and if you have more than one dog, they will often leave you completely out!

Made of plushy material in the guise of different animals such as pigs, cows and chickens, this toy isn’t indestructible but is well put together enough that it will stand up to hard, repeated tugging!  The only stuffing that exists is that small amount that fills the handles – most dogs are so enamored of the squeaky tough center ball that they hardly consider the handles worth destuffing.  In fact, in this writer’s house of destuffing dogs, in over 6 months time, only one small hole has been put into the soft part of the toy and hardly a thing came out of that.  Unheard of in this house!

Give your dog a semi-stuffed squeaky Tug-a-mal.  He will adore you for it and you will adore the fact that you have found a toy that your dog loves but that won’t break the bank or die in a day!  Remember that Tug-a-mals are available for big and small dogs – equal treatment for all!