Out With The Old, In With The New

DogZymes Digestive Enhancer

Introducing, fresh from Nature’s Farmacy, our new line of probiotics, digestive enhancers and vitamin C!  After extensive research, we found what we think is the best of the best in this line of products.  They are extremely palatable to dogs and have an extensive shelf life, something that we felt was missing in similar products.  Good for us, and good for you the customer.  The Digestive Enhancer is perfect for dogs with sensitive systems or dogs who need a little help getting all that they can get out of their meals.  In reality, this is a product that would be a great staple for ANY dog and is easy to give with their food no matter what their diet consists of!  DogZymes Canine Paste is perfect for when your pup has that random bout of “dire rear”!  Who doesn’t like to have something right on hand that can stop that problem in its tracks???

DogZymes Cran-Tri-C

Cran-Tri-C is an easy and affordable way to supplement the amount of vitamin C that your dog gets in addition to that which he manufactures himself.  Great for joints, immune system and dogs with chronic urinary tract issues, this mixture is easy to add to your dog’s meals on a daily or occasional basis.

DogZymes Canine Paste