New Quick Order Raw Mix Section

Much to the dismay of some of our established clients, our beautiful new website actually made it harder to order a variety of raw mixes than the old ugly site. It was because in order to buy beef, you went to the beef section; lamb, the lamb section and so forth.

So in an attempt to make it easier to order if you know exactly what you want, we added a section where you can Quick Order your mixes. It is five pages long – because we have a lot of products – but you can put quantities of each product you would like and click Submit on the last page and your order will be placed with relative ease.

We will continue to work on this section to possibly shorten it but for now it should make it much easier to Quick Order Raw Mixes.

Just remember to order in quantities that are multiples of 8, 12, 24 and 48 to make the shipping and cooler cost as economical as possible.