New Cloud Star Wag More Bark Less Chewy Treats

The Cloud Star company is known for producing quality healthy minimal ingredient treats that are ALWAYS made right here in the USA.  The Wag More Bark Less Chewy Treats are no exception to this rule.

These perfectly sized treats are wheat free and made from simple ingredients – nothing funny or foreign to worry about.  In these troubled times of recalls and questionable ingredients from China and other places, its fantastic to know that these treats are American made of American ingredients.

Offered in four fabulous flavors that will make your dog say YUM, the taste will drive them wild!  Whether you choose Apple Smoked Bacon, Chicken Pot Pie, Peanut Butter Cookie or Pumpkin Pie, your dog will do anything you want for these delicious treats!

They are a perfect size for any dog and easy to split up for smaller training treats or tiny dogs.  Each morsel is packed with flavor and we are certain all dogs will develop their favorites!

The Cloud Star Company is proud of their products and well they should be.  Too many companies cut corners in the name of making a little extra cash without a thought for the animals that are eating their substandard treats.  Cloud Star is a company that cares.  At least 10% of their net profits go to various non-profit charities that support animals, women, children and the environment – how many other companies make that sort of commitment?

In addition to our new Wag More Bark Less treats, we also offer a wide array of other Cloud Star products including Chewy Tricky Trainers which are perfect for use in training classes due to their small size.  We also offer Chewy Buddy Biscuits – delightful tiny soft gingerbread men in 6 fabulous flavors.

Cloud Star treats are made of simple ingredients and are simply the best.  Stop worrying about ingredient reading – with Cloud Star treats you can be assured they are safe and wholesome for your pup.