More Testimonials

Here are some more testimonials from our satisfied customers!

“I contacted A Place For Paws by phone to get information on Tripe for my dog. They were very helpful and really spent a considerable amount of time with me making sure that all of my questions were covered. The Tripe came to my house just as they said it would. The product was packaged very well as to keep it from thawing and it arrived in the timely manner that they had specified.
I plan to purchase more from them in the future and would very highly recomend them to anyone.”
Mike V.

“Excellent customer service and high quality products. I highly recommend this merchant.”
Rachel S.

“My maltese have been eating A Place for Paws raw for about six weeks now and I have seen a drastic improvement in digestion issues and their coats have become much softer. One maltese with heavy tearstaining has begun to clear up which I attribute to the quality raw diet, nothing else in the past would improve the stains. The delivery is fast and is always still frozen solid on arrival. This high quality raw is superb compared to the commerial frozen I have tried in the past. I am now a firm believer in the immense benefits of a high quality raw diet from A Place for Paws. My girls thank you!”
Denise M.

“I was very impressed at the expediency at which the order was processed and the obvious care taken in the packing.
The product was excellent. My dog loves it! Will definitely purchase from them again.”
Charlotte C.

“I would order from them anytime. Very responsive and personable. Very willing to have email exchanges with you if you have questions and they will call you if they have questions about your order. Really care about their products and your satisfaction. Very nice people.”
Lisa B.

“I contacted A Place for Paws to purchase raw green tripe after reading an article recommending them in the Whole Dog Journal. A Place for Paws website was well-designed, informative, and easy to navigate, their prices were good (offering a price break for volume purchases), and the ordering processing was a breeze. I received my order quickly and the raw food remained frozen in its cooler even in the hot June weather. My dogs LOVED the green tripe and the Nothing But Treats Sampler. I have noticed improved vitality, shinier eyes, and cleaner teeth for my two elderly German Shepherd Dogs (ages 13 1/2 and almost 11). Scout and Hexe have eaten a raw diet for close to ten years, but the tripe has made the greatest and quickest impact on their health and it is the food the dogs find most delicious. I am thankful to have discovered A Place for Paws and will certainly order from them on a regular basis.”
Donna B.