Love those 50 pound bulk boxes!

pups-and-others-041.jpgMore spectacular feedback!! We LOVE it!

This from Lauren who was searching for easy to feed and not so messy bulk quantities of food – tried our 50 pound bulk boxes and seems to have done the trick!


I just wanted to say I got my order yesterday all 150lbs of yummies and it came in great shape and fully frozen. I am very happy! Never mind my happiness my doggies have been bothering me all day to eat……….they love it.



Often when people have several dogs to feed its easier and more cost effective to buy in bulk. That’s why we offer our 50 pound bulk boxes. Most of our mixes come in this form and generally speaking people (and pooches) love it! What you get are ten five pound rolls or chubs. Ever see the ground beef chubs at the supermarket? These are very similar – essentially long plastic bags filled up with 5 pounds of one of our choice raw mixes. Bulk boxes come in the following flavors: Tripe, Beef and Bone, Beef and Veggies, Turkey and Veggies, Pork and Veggies, Just Chicken and Chicken and Veggies. Variety enough to satisfy the most particular pup. Even people with fewer dogs can benefit from our value priced boxes – no need to feed the whole roll in one sitting after all!

Only thaw the roll partially. This makes it EASY to cut into usable sections. Cut a 5 pound roll into 5 parts for your dog that eats only one pound per day. Put the remaining slices into a freezable container or freezer bag and throw it back in the freezer. No harm to the meat as it was only partially thawed and refrozen only once and easy servings for you at a low low price!

Even if you ARE feeding the whole roll in one or two sittings, follow the directions above and cut it into portions when its still partially frozen. Less mess is always best! This will allow you to separate the roll into amounts that work for you and your dogs so that you aren’t trying to scoop product out of the bag once its totally thawed and oh so juicy. Avoids the mess and makes the bags just as easy as the containers!

So if your dog loves our tripe and you want to save a few pennies, look into the 50 pound box – you won’t regret it!