Looking for a good raw feeding book?

dogs-horses-playday-rides-007.jpgIf you are in search of a brilliant book that is easy to read and understand to help you on your journey towards feeding your dog RIGHT than we have the book for you! Raw Dog Food – Make It Easy For You And Your Dog by Carina Beth MacDonald is an entertaining way to get answers to some of the most common raw feeding questions. Raw Dog Food won the Dog Writers Association of America Award for Best Book under 100 pages in 2003. Witty, fun and full of information, it is an enjoyable read for anyone interested in raw feeding their dogs. Useful information is of paramount importance and MacDonald makes certain that she gives you the “real” scoop on day to day raw feeding without losing any technical information – she just makes it more user friendly. She outlines places to shop, the real meaning of variety, and never makes you think that there is only ONE right way to get things done. From beginners to experienced raw feeders. this is a book that will give something to everyone. We a APFP highly recommend this as required reading for anyone eager to learn and understand their dogs’ diet!