Linkables – Toys That Grow With Your Dog

How about a toy that keeps on changing?  One you can make a little more interesting, a little more difficult, a little “new”?  For all this and more, check out our Linkables!  Three cool tough toys that join together to make an interesting food dispensing puzzle that will entertain your pup for hours!

Linkables come in three different and unique shapes: the Elbow, the Orb and the Twist.  Each Linkable attaches to the others so that you can constantly change things up making a “new” toy whenever the mood strikes or your dog gets bored!

Start slowly with one Linkable – fill it full of treats and let your dog have a blast.  As your dog gets better and better at removing the treats inside, add another Linkable to give your pup a bit more of a challenge.  Using as many Linkables as you want, you can make a twisty turny maze that once filled with treats will keep your dog occupied and interested.  As his skills grow you can change it up and provide new challenges.

Linkables are great for occupying your pup at ANY time of the day – in his crate, when you are trying to get stuff done and need him out of the way, during mealtimes (keep him too busy to beg!).  Buy all three and have a variety of toys at your fingertips.  Add more and expand your dog’s horizons – its the toy that reinvents itself every different way you design it – a true boredom buster!