Lamb and Beef Trachea – YUM!

A Place For Paws is excited to announce the addition of dehydrated lamb and beef trachea to our product list!  The same great treats you have been able to get when you see us at a show are now available for sale online and over the phone!

These dehydrated bits of goodness are going to make your dog very happy.  Both the lamb and the beef trachea are taken from animals for human consumption and that are locally raised.  Fresh is best!  We process, dehydrate and package these luscious treats right here in house.  Dogs go CRAZY for them!  100% made in the U.S.A!

Lamb Trachea are approximately 3″-5″ long and are a perfect BIG snack for a small dog or a perfect small snack for a

I REALLLLLY want to stop “leaving it” now – can I, can I, can I????!!! Nom nom nom

BIG dog.  They are sold in packages of 6.  The Beef Trachea are approximately 9″-12″ long and give most larger dogs a bit of chewing fun.  We won’t lie – there are dogs (Weimaraners) who chomp these up in just a few minutes, but to many it can be a great 1/2 hour or more treat!  Purchase both to see which size is right for your dog!  Trachea are a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin which makes them an even better and more nutritious snack for your pooch!

One thing is for certain, your dog is going to LOVE our trachea.  What has always been the most stolen item from our booth at any of our shows is now available for general sale, consumption and merriment!  Oh, and we never prosecuted those canine thieves – we let them go with a warning – in some cases three or four warnings!