Know what you feed!

I know those Nothing But…Treats are around here somewhere!Treats are really important to most dogs…I mean REALLY important! They rank up there with raw meat and belly rubs. Maybe even higher come to think of it…That being said, I think we should have a little visit with Nothing But…Treats!

The sheer number of treats out there is enough to make your head spin – Snausages, Jerky Treats, Milkbones, Greenies, Carvers, Beggin’ Strips, Chicken Grillers…the list is ENDLESS! Certainly our dogs probably love most of them and at one point or another in our lives we have fed each and every one BUT what exactly are we feeding? The list of ingredients in each one of these commercial treats is long and hard to understand – without a masters in science I’m not sure we could ever know exactly what we are handing out to our pooches. What we can assume is that it ISN’T meat – at least not in any real sense of the word. I mean really, have you ever seen bacon that consistency before? If I fried up a piece of bacon and got that rubbery mass I think I might…but I digress! We really can’t be sure what we ARE feeding them but its clear what we AREN’T. I got tired of reading ingredients in the treat aisle of the local super pet store – made my head spin frankly and still does. It wasted my time in the end. Even the stuff that didn’t seem “too bad” proceeded to wreak havoc with my very sensitive GSD. Soon the whole treat aisle was off limits for this household. Enter Nothing But…Treats!

We make our treats out of one single ingredient. We dehydrate the raw product and bag them for consumption. Easy peasy! You absolutely know what you are giving your dog because it says so right on that bag, short and sweet, only one ingredient! Have a dog who can’t handle beef? Go with the chicken liver, pork heart, turkey heart or lamb products. No chicken? Check out the beef heart and beef lung! Need something that breaks up easily for training? Both beef and lamb lung are great for that, dry, non-greasy – easy to break up and carry in your pocket. Want something that is a REAL treat and gives them a little more chew time? Go for the chicken feet, always a favorite! There are dog out there that get downright TICKED when mom and dad forget to order the chicken feet!

Go with what you know, not with what you don’t. Be assured that you are only feeding your dog what it actually SAYS in the name and not a bunch of gunk and fat. Healthy, sensible – so tasty that dogs will hunt over hill and dale for them – Nothing But…Treats make your treat shopping absolutely EASY!