Kidney problems and raw feeding solutions

nikki-and-lilly.jpgToo many dogs in our lives have been plagued by Chronic Renal Failure (CRF). Many of these have been taken from us at far too young of an age. Sometimes genetic, sometimes environmental it is a terrible disease that can strike close to the heart – especially when its a beloved family member. The first thought of many is that they must go onto a prescription diet that is low protien to hopefully save their lives. Many have found that this doesn’t work. Is low protien better? If you dog won’t eat due to the prescription food, how much good is being done? Raw feeders are terrified that they can no longer feed their dogs as they feel is best. Kibble feeders are at a loss because their pal refuses to eat the new food which is often bland and tasteless even as compared to their other kibble. There are alternatives to no/low protien and these are discussed in depth in an article in the May 2005 issue of Whole Dog Journal (available at Whole Dog Journal’s web site in the archives). WDJ contends that its not low protien that is necessary but rather different higher quality proteins and shows that new studies have backed this theory up. Among other suggestions from WDJ, is the use of raw green tripe as part of the CRF dog diet. Not only is it low in phosphorus (a necessity for any CRF dog) but is full of protiens that are easy to digest as well as beneficial bacterias and a plethora of enzymes. In addition, it is the rare dog who can take a whiff of tripe and not be immediately interested. Many a dog who refuses to eat will be tempted by the luscious smell of tripe – barnyard at its best!

Case in point – Nikki (pictured above with sister Lilly). Nikki is a rescued chocolate labrador mix. Nikki was under 5 years of age when she was diagnosed with CRF. She had become impossible to feed – simply because she wasn’t interested in food. Nikki’s strength was fading fast. Her mom could get her interested for a meal or two – enough to nibble at something – but nothing substantial. Enter A Place For Paws Raw Green Tripe. Voila! After speaking to Nikki’s mom I suggested that tripe was definately worth a try. Anything to get her girl to eat. After she ate it the first meal our hope was simply that it would hold her interest for longer than a day or two unlike everything else that they had tried. Nikki continued to dive in – in fact if she could have she would have been swimming in tripe. Today Nikki is described to me as a “new dog”. She has incredible energy, is a healthy eater and for the first time is grabbing toys and soliciting long play sessions with her siblings. In her mom’s words – tripe has wrought a “miracle” for their darling Nikki. Me and the rest of the crew at APFP couldnt’ be happier. The fact that Nikki has a new lease on life is one of the most gratifying episodes in my recent memory. You rock Nikki!