Keep Your White Dog Stain Free – NATURALLY!

Anyone who has ever owned a mostly white dog knows the trials and tribulations of dealing with tear stains.  Even worse than that is dealing with muzzle staining, leg staining – ANYTHING staining!  Light colored and pure white dogs, are susceptible to staining from eye discharge and licking.  Licking can be on any body part and due to an itch, a wound, a

Tear stains under the eyes and saliva stains around the muzzle are a trial for many dog owners.

potential hot spot.  If a light colored dog licks, chances are you will see telltale reddish staining at the site.  Muzzle staining is almost a given – every time a light colored dog licks his chops, saliva is deposited – as time goes by, staining will ensue.

If you walk into any pet store, there are generally several options that you can purchase to remove tear stains.  Unfortunately, the topical ones are somewhat difficult to use and often don’t work terribly well as a result.  Many of those to be ingested are easier to use but contain ingredients that many would prefer not to feed to their pets.  What people needed was a natural option – one that wasn’t hard to use, wasn’t scary to feed and one that actually works.  Enter Naturally Tearfree Canine.

Naturally Tearfree Canine is an all natural method for fighting tear and saliva stains in your light colored dog.  It is a blend of 100% organic natural herbs in a powdered form.  Simply sprinkle 1/2 teaspoon on your dog’s food once per day for three days and those unsightly stains will start to fade away.  When used regularly, it will actually help to prevent the stains from reappearing.

The ingredients in Naturally Tearfree Canine include organic sweet basil and organic turmeric – that’s all, nothing else.  Many other edible products contain a substance called Tylosin which is a form of antibiotic.  While it may indeed reduce tear staining, it is generally thought unwise to administer an antibiotic for a purely cosmetic purpose due to the detrimental effects that it can have.  Chiefly, is the rise of antibiotic resistance.  With every dosage of the medication, the body builds up a slight resistance to it.  Bacteria exposed over time will cease to be affected and when an illness occurs, we find ourselves giving higher and higher dosages of stronger and stronger drugs as a result of this resistance.  Further, Tylosin, like most antibiotics, can cause side effects – namely digestive upset and a weakened immune system.  Antibiotics are not aware of the difference between good and bad bacteria – giving them not only kills the bad ones but the healthy good bacteria that populate our digestive system as well.  Still other products are simply packed with filler ingredients which do nothing and are completely unnecessary. Two easy to pronounce ingredients that you could ingest yourself without thought – that’s all it takes.  Naturally Tearfree uses only things that will actually work to solve the problem and none of the wasted ingredient that do nothing but jack up the price.

Simple.  Healthy.  Organic.  These are all words that describe Naturally Tearfree Canine.  Best part of all?  It works.  Choose the safe and healthy alternative for your dog.  Avoid unnecessary medications and filler ingredients from places unknown.  Stick to the basics – you will be pleased with the results!

Use Naturally Tearfree Canine and watch the stains fade away and stay away