K9 Ear Solutions – A Versatile Ear Cleaner

ear cleaner

Ear cleaners proliferate the shelves of large chain pet super stores and boutique pet shops alike.  Keeping ears clean is somewhat like keeping nails clipped – a regular doggy duty that happens at regular intervals.  Ears are the perfect place for our dogs to harbor infections and yeasty overgrowth.  They are a warm, moist climate, perfect for most bacteria to grow.  Drop, or floppy, eared dogs tend to be the most often affected canines as those particular ears form the most desirable habitat for the nasty bacteria bugs.  That being said, it is not unheard of for a dog with upright ears to suffer as well.  The most effective way to prevent unwanted infections and doctor visits is to clean those ears regularly – more often if you are the proud owner of a swimmer.

Liquid Health K9 Ear Solutions may be the perfect ear cleaner.  With the use of minimal ingredients, it offers a quick and easy way to clean, dry and otherwise maintain your dog’s ear health.  For use as part of a weekly cleaning schedule, it is gentle enough to use more often as well as always after a swim.  It cleans, dries and deodorizes the ear canal via its special combination of ingredients.  Isopropyl Alcohol provides the drying agent while Boric Acid soothes the ear canal and outer ear as well.  Gentian Violet has long been used for its anti-infection properties and will have the same affect here.  Colloidal silver, nature’s best anti-biotic and anti-fungal, rounds out the short list of ingredients contained in this mixture.

While perfect for ears, K9 Solutions is also perfect for use with other skin issues as well.  Have a dog who suffers from allergies?  Some dogs, especially throughout the summer months, have reactions to different grasses, growing weeds etc.  K9 Solutions is just the thing to us on itchy feet, hot spots or minor skin eruptions.  The ingredients that work so well keep your pup’s ears clean, dry and bacteria free, are the same ones that will help to ease excessive licking and dry up hot spots and breakouts.  Multiple uses means a big bargain for you!

Ears can be a tricky business.  Most often, there can be an infection before you even realized there was a problem.  Head shaking and the like can often be easily missed and until you smell or stumble upon an ear infection, it can be driving your dog mad without your knowledge.  Avoid this issue completely by making sure that ear cleaning is part of your dog’s regular routine.  Give them a weekly check, clean once every 1-2 weeks (even if they don’t ‘look’ dirty) and always apply K9 Solutions when your dog finishes a swim.  Don’t be fooled by what you can’t see – bacteria can take over in no time flat – avoid having to deal with it at all by making K9 Solutions Ear Cleaner part of your dog’s life.