K-9 Glucosamine & HA – Satisfaction for Allergy Suffers

Just like humans, dogs suffer from allergies too.  These allergies can often be to different foods and protein sources which can often make feeding and supplementing slightly difficult.  One widely used product that can often pose a problem for particular dogs is a good joint supplement – glucosamine, MSM, chondroitin and the like.  Some dogs who suffer from food allergies have a hard time finding a supplement that will work for them.

Liquid Health recognized this problem and developed a joint supplement that catered to their needs – K9 Glucosamine with HA (hyaluronic acid).  It contains GreenGrown Glucosamine combined with MSM and other natural nutrients that help maintain joint comfort as well as function and is formulated especially for animals who suffer from allergies to animal products and shellfish.

GreenGrown Glucosamine is from a 100% vegetable source.  It is produced in such as way so that its properties are equal to that of premium shellfish based material but with significant advantages.  First, it has no shellfish allergens.  Just like people, dogs and other animals can have horrible – and sometimes deadly – reactions to shellfish.  This means most joint supplements are forbidden to them – but not this one!  GreenGrown Glucosamine is environmentally safe, can be used by vegetarians and is Kosher certified to boot!

K9 Glucosamine with HA includes several ingredients known for their beneficial joint properties and even though a purely vegetarian formula, lacks for nothing.  MSM can reduce pain and swelling and improve joint function.  Hyaluronic Acid is a natural joint lubricant and provides that same function here.  Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids aren’t just for heart and brain health anymore – they provide relief from joint pain as well.  Bromelain may not only reduce swelling and pain in joints but also has been shown to provide a general sense of well being as well.  Vitamin C may keep away a cold but little did we know that it also  reduces the risk of cartilage loss and joint degredation. Manganese keeps bone disease away as well as helps improve bone density when taken along with calcium.  Finally, grape seed extract, a source rich in antioxidants, reduces inflammation – something any pup suffering from arthritis is desperate for.

K9 Glucosamine with HA is a  complete joint supplement – just because its tailored towards animals who suffer from allergies doesn’t mean that it has to be an inferior product.  In fact, it delivers everything its counterparts do and than some!  The only things that it lacks are the things that you WANT it to lack.  No sugar, starch, salt, wheat, gluten, yeast, milk OR soy derivatives.  It has everything you do want and lacks everything you don’t want!

So for all of you dealing with allergies in dogs that need a joint supplement – the answer is here!  The best thing about it is that its ALSO great for dogs that don’t suffer any allergies at all – the hyaluronic acid and other active ingredients make this product a great all around joint supplement for your best friend!