Jolly Pet Toys – Rough, Tough and Tons of Fun!

Introducing Jolly Pet at A Place For Paws!  A fantastic new toy line that is sure to offer something for every dog on the planet!  These toys are durable, bouncy, interactive and just plain fun!

Fill that big old mouth up with treats and let your dog clean it right up! Great to occupy your dog while you have to be at work!

The original Jolly Ball was created for horses and ponies – but the folks at Jolly Ball had a vision and Jolly Pets was born!  They began to develop toys for our canine friends – modeled on the original Jolly Ball, they developed those and so much more.

Want a toy that bounces like crazy and are fun for dogs to chase and pick up?  Try the Critter II’s or the Jolly Football.  If you like a floatable tugable bounceable toy than the Toss and Tug may do the trick.  If its time to give your pup something to do, the Monster Balls are great to stuff with all manner of treats and will occupy your dog while he tries to clean out the monster’s mouth.  Try filling with a mixture of peanut butter, cream cheese or plain unflavored yogurt and treats.  Freeze and let your dog do the clean up work.  By the time you get home from your job the toy will be clean as a whistle and your pup will be relaxed and content.  If you have a smarty pants dog than the Brainy Bones might be more their speed.  These interactive toys require your dog to figure it all out – how to open it to get to the yummy goodness inside.  Use the Brainy Bones with your dog – teach him different ways to get inside and get his goodies – a great training tool!  If plush is your dog’s secret love, the Tug-A-Mals are a fun way for you and your dog to have a rousing good time and in your

Plushy but strong with a hidden ball that makes more noise the harder your dog tugs! Great for two dogs to enjoy or you and your dogs!

absence, a great way for two happy tugging dogs to entertain themselves.  A plush covering hides a snorting squeaky center ball – the harder they tug, the more it squeaks – and everyone KNOWS how much dogs love that sound!

Check out the new line of Jolly Ball pet toys – your dog will absolutely thank you!