Joint supplements – good for your allergy dog too!

lhha1.jpgTwo years ago my longhaired GSD Murray had a horrible allergic reaction – he swelled up everywhere including his ears, muzzle – even his gums! In a matter of a few hours he was covered with hotspots in his groin area up around his hips and back. Needless to say I was flummoxed. I consulted with my veterinarian and discussed possible causes. He had never been a dog with allergies, never had any bad reactions to anything. I thought about what new had entered into his system – the only answer was a joint supplement that he had started two week previously. My vet looked at the ingredients and immediately picked out perna (green lipped) mussels. Bingo. My boy had a shellfish allergy! Go figure. I’d never heard such a thing and immediately took him off of the supplement. Since I still had a full bottle and another dog who was on it I continued to give it to her – only to have Murray come down with another reaction. It wasn’t as violent as the first but definately was the same. We realized that my girl was licking his face therefore exposing him once again to the shellfish. Needless to say out the door went the supplement. In searching for an alternative I went to the company that made the supplement only to find out that this WASN’T so odd after all and that they had just come up with a comparable joint supplement for dogs with allergies. The company? Liquid Health. The product? Liquid Health Vegetarian Glucosamine. Liquid Health makes a range of incredible supplements for your dog (and horse!). This particular one was made with allergy dogs in mind. Completely shellfish and beef free, it is a totally vegetarian formula that is a lifesaver for dogs with issues. Hyluronic acid is a naturally occurring lubricant that in conjunction with Regenasure Glucosamine makes for a perfect supplement for dogs with protein or shellfish allergies. It also includes MSM as well as grape seed extract, Boron, Bromelaine, Vitamin C, Manganese and Omega 3,6 and 9. Three dogs in my household of five are currently on it and doing well. Murray is now nearly 11 years old and runs around like a pup – nobody believes me when I tell them his age. The typical guess is 2-3 years old! My weim has spinal dysraphism and has no lingering effects of her disease and my doberman mix has just recently started with minor hip dysplasia and her stiffness and whining went away in a matter of days after starting on the supplement. I even have my retired racehorse on it!

If you are in search of a supplement to help your best friend WITHOUT irritating his allergies than I personally couldn’t suggest a better alternative.