Is Raw the Cure for the Carsick Blues???

Yet another reason to recommend Raw?

Car Sickness. Yech! As a trainer, this is one area I hate to address.
I’ll recommend ginger, short rides, delayed meals and absorbent towels.
It’s always tough to find a good answer and there’s rarely a quick fix.
Well, I just took on a puppy (14 weeks) to foster who has been in
another foster home for 3 weeks. She has gotten sick on any car ride over
ten minutes – very sick. This is not anxiety; it is upset tummy motion
sickness. She was so bad the rescue group, WAGS, gave the previous foster
home an anti-nausea drug for it. Well, we took her home Saturday night. She had been on kibble and we switched her to RAW that night (because that is what we feed exclusively).
I took her for two car trips on Sunday. No vomiting!
I took her on five car trips on Monday. No vomiting!
Now I admit I am taking several preventative measures (but no
medications). Short Trips. Having her ride on the passenger side floor in front.
And not riding right after a meal – well, this one was real important
because her sixth trip on Monday was about fifteen minutes after she
ate – and she did throw up. But since that night, she has had at least six short to medium rides with no vomiting and little or no drooling.

Is it possible that the RAW food diet is helping? Could a grain
sensitivity cause a little stomach upset that would manifest itself this way?
I wonder . . .
So now RAW feeding is good for clean teeth, more energy, less stool…
and no carsickness?