Introducing Tripe Strips – Whole Tripe for Your Dog

Introducing our newest product that is going to drive your dog WILD!  These strips of raw beef tripe are sure to be a hit at your house just like they were at mine.  Dogs cannot WAIT to get a hold of these delicious strips.

We have taken whole raw beef tripe and sliced into easy to feed sizes.  Now you can get the benefits of unground tripe in a

Tripe cuts easily with scissors if you are in the market for something slightly smaller

smaller version.  This means you have no mess – just hand it to your dog or throw it in their bowl – either way, they will love you for it.  While ground tripe is a great food, it doesn’t require much in the way of chewing – these strips are in chewable hunks that will not only give your dog optimal nutrition but will help exercise their jaws and clean their teeth as well.  Some dogs get bored with the same food day in and day out – with tripe strips you have an option – still the same great benefits but in a different form which can often spark the appetite of even the pickiest of dogs.

After feeding it here to my crew of four, I was amazed at just how easy it was.  While the strips are of a good size for most dogs, I took the time to cut one of the strips up for my picky girl who likes smaller pieces of food over the larger.  The ease with which

Tripe Strips come in easy to store 3 pound bags

I cut the strip was amazing.  No blood, drippings or mess and it parted quickly and conveniently with both a regular kitchen steak knife and with a pair of standard scissors.  This makes it perfect for small dogs as well – just cut the strip into the size appropriate for your little dog – its simple.

Great nutrition served in a unique way – you aren’t going to find a product like this anywhere else!  Our tripe is, as always, of the best quality – locally raised beef cows with none of that feedlot nasty junk mixed in.  Just healthy cows raised by small local farmers.  Primarily grass fed, you can be certain that this tripe is a healthful meal for your pups.  Its the same as the ground tripe you have purchased before – just in a different form.  Because they are ‘just’ tripe, these strips are perfect for dogs who are suffering from kidney diseases such as Chronic Renal Failure.  Low in phosphorus, they make the perfect kidney food and because of their texture, smell and size, they can perk up the appetite of a lackluster eater.

We offer our new tripe strips in two sizes – an 18 pound cooler consisting of six 3 pound bags of strips and a 36 pound cooler consisting of twelve 3 pound bags of strips.  They are conveniently packed in a disposable cooler and since they are separated into 3 pound bags, are easy to store in your freezer.  If you don’t think you can use three pounds in a 3-4 day span, partially thaw a bag and separate them out into quantities that will work for you.  They are infinitely adaptable.

Give your dog something ‘new’ – let him try the food he has loved ground in a whole new way.  He will absolutely love you for it!