Introducing a New Shipping Option

Over the years, our shipping option has been singular.  We charge our customer just what UPS charges us to ship to them.  A simple passing along of the cost.  Unfortunately, UPS rates can seem a little high when one is only ordering our non raw items.  Certainly, when ordering frozen food as well as treats, we have the option of combining the shipment to keep shipping costs on the dry goods very low.  This doesn’t work, however, when only non raw items are needed.

Now order all the non raw items that you want for shipment costs of only $7.50 for orders over $25.00 – what a deal!!!

To combat this phenomena we are introducing flat rate shipping on all orders of non raw items over $25.  That’s right – you can order treats, toys, training tools, supplements etc., and have it shipped to you for the low low rate of $7.50!  When ordering in conjunction with our raw frozen products the lowest shipping rate will be applied as always.  In general combining the orders results in a lower ship rate than even the $7.50 but cheapest method will win in the end!

We hope that this will make it more economically feasible for people who simply need non raw items and no food at any given time.  Its our hope that this will ease the burden of shipping and help you to help yourself to our huge array of supplements, treats, toys and training aids!