I Have A Picky Dog…HELP!!!

Its true – I have a picky dog.  Don’t get me wrong, its not his fault, well MOSTLY not his fault.  I created him.  I allowed him to dictate what, when, how….he was a skinny little puppy who wanted only what he wanted.  Silly me didn’t stop to think that ALL greyhound puppies are

Poor skinny boy!! Pfffft!!! Yeah right!

arguably naturally skinny puppies (Can I get a DUH?)  I fed him off of a spoon, hand fed him, brought out a zillion different types of raw food all in the course of one meal until we found one HE wanted.  Mistake.  BIG mistake.  He’s now three years old and while he eats well for decent periods of time, he also goes through his stages where demanding isn’t quite the word to describe him.  For example, you would think chicken is chicken is chicken.  Oh no.  Put down some chicken backs, chicken legs, chicken thighs and chicken necks.  Watch as the preferred thighs and legs disappear while the backs and necks sit there forlornly while an equally forlorn greyhound pleads with those big brown eyes for more legs, more thighs.  Its absurd.  Its ridiculous.  And I have nobody to blame but myself.  What I realize now that I didn’t realize then is that its not HIS choice.  Its mine.  He eats what I give him without exception and if after 15 minutes it has not made its way into his belly than it makes its way back into the fridge.  What we, as owners, fail to realize, is that when they are hungry enough – they’ll eat.  They won’t starve themselves, make themselves sick, kill themselves or cry in the corner.  What they will do is give in – eventually.  It may take days, it may even take a week.  At one point we went 6 days on two meals…he lived and once he realized I wasn’t

He SURVIVED his mean mommy!

playing, he stopped playing too.  You know whats best for your dog – he doesn’t.  Given the opportunity, rotten garbage might would be their dinner of choice for pete’s sake.  Its up to us to know and up to them to eat what they are given.  Does he eat regularly now?  Sort of but we still have our “times”.  Do I give in and cater to his every whim as I did when he was a baby?  NO WAY!  It took awhile, longer than it takes to teach a dog a complicated trick, but I did learn.  Admittedly, I still get a little anxious, still have urges to go shopping for whatever it is the “King” wants, but I resist and refuse and over time it DOES get easier!  As you can see he somehow made it to adulthood as a happy, healthy and well filled out greyhound boy regardless of how “mean” I was – so stay strong, don’t let them push you around and I promise, they’ll still love you lots!