How Fresh Is It???

pups-and-others-017.jpgCheck this out:

I am very impressed with the freshness of the meats and the
customer service is very friendly. If you have shopped around and used other
brands of raw food for your dog I think you will agree that this is by
far the freshest meat you will serve. Other more commercial brands that
I have used have had foul odors and have been overly juicy. I dont
find any foul odors (exception tripe) or the excess added bloody water
with their meats.

Freshness is a must at A Place For Paws. We process our raw mixes weekly directly after we get them from the farm! Raw (no pun intended) materials come in and are processed that day. We immediately freeze them to 10 degrees below zero to lock in all that fresh meaty goodness. No sitting about in coolers, no sitting at the end of a loading dock waiting for pickup. Its so fresh we’re surprised it doesn’t still cluck, moo, gobble, baa and oink!