Here Comes the Steel Valley Cluster!

Some people think Westminster is the end all be all of dog shows but while it may be slightly “less” fancy, maybe a tad hotter, sometimes a bit wetter – we LOVE our Steel Valley Cluster – the Canfield Dog Show!  As always A Place For Paws will have their booth all set up for all four days of the show.  This year we start on Thursday August 5th and run through Sunday August 8th.  Come and show, shop, hang out and have a good time!  Give us a call if you would like to pick up any orders while you’re at the show and we’ll happily bring them by for you.  Check out all of our great products including toys, treats, food and training supplies.  Curious about raw but not sure where to start?  Visit us with your questions and get a face to face consultation that will help you get on the road to feeding raw.  Keep your fingers crossed and thoughts positive for dry semi-cool days – but then again, what would the Canfield show be without a little rain and a little heat?  We might all forget where we are for a minute!