Healthy Natural Jerky Treats


Buying treats for your best friend has become far more of a workout than ever before.  Stories of tainted treats abound.  Incidences of dogs becoming seriously ill or dying from tainted treats, abound.  As pet owners, we want only the best for our best friends and that means healthy, natural, meat based treats made from only human ingredients and made right here in the USA.

These all natural jerky treats made by Healthy Partner Pet Snacks, fit the bill exactly.  With only minimal ingredients, these treats smell good enough for HUMANS to eat!  All natural and all human grade, it would be perfectly safe for us to do so, and this pet owner, actually has (my dogs have to fight me for the bacon treats!).  The Chicken Strips and the Turkey Strips are easy to tear into training sized pieces and the Bacon Strips, while somewhat tougher to tear, easily cut up into smaller bits and are most irresistible!

The minimal ingredients make these treats perfect for dogs with allergies as each is made utilizing only one protein source.  Dogs with allergies or sensitivities to one particular protein can easily be given any of the others without incident – no hidden ingredients or unnamed meats.

All dogs deserve treats – make sure that the treats they get are safe and healthy!