Green tripe really can save a life

blogdixie1.jpgOn the heels of Nikki the chocolate lab’s miraculous medical turn around from kidney disease is the story of another lab, 15 year of age, who found herself in the same situation. Doctor’s weren’t hopeful, mom and dad were hoping beyond hope to find a way to help their girl – they found raw green tripe. In their own words since they tell it best:

“Here are some pictures of Dixie that you asked for. She’ll be 15 next month. Here’s a bit of her story: This past Sept she went into renal failure and we nearly lost her. It came so close that our hearts were breaking. On two separate occassions within this horrible week our vet wanted us to make a decision, but each time we looked at her she would lift her head and give us one tail wag. We couldn’t do it.

She was in the hospital for 2 weeks and given most tests known to man (mri’s etc…) they were trying to figure out why she went into renal failure. Which we could never figure out. Ultimately it was the fluids and antibiotics that kept her going. We were finally able to bring her home with the condition that we give her subQ fluids 2-3X daily and get her blood tested every other day.

She didn’t have much of an appetite during this time, but we could get her to eat bacon (a big vet no-no), and a few other items that changed daily. She’s always been on a raw food diet and I was committed to keeping her on one. I figured it got her this far, I’m not going to stop now. My vet of course had different ideas. He made my husband feel so guilty that he bought a bag of k/d from him. I went on-line and found your company and the data I needed to confirm my decision. We never did put her on the k/d, my husband basically lied to our vet promising we were feeding it to her. Eventually the blood tests were done weekly, bi-weekly and now monthly. Finally I told the vet she was eating the green tripe and never was on the k/d. He just stared at me and grunted. (literally) N

Now he calls her “his” miracle dog. He says we’ve ruined it for all other cases. He has to tell them there’s a chance to get past this. I smile at him and say, “green tripe, baby, green tripe” (I swear most people think green tripe is a FISH!! 🙂

So now we’re in our bonus time with her and grateful for every moment. We spent Christmas in Canada and drove up so she could be with us. (from SoCal) She acts like a 4yo, barking at us every morning at sunrise for breakfast. She can’t get to her bowl fast enough. We are truly fans of yours and thank you for your part in saving our beloved Dixie.”
CRF is not a death sentence as Dixie and her human parents will tell you. Prescription Science Diet isn’t your only alternative. There is hope and we believe Dixie and Nikki will attest to that. Keep positive – there may be help for your pup too!