Green Slow Feeder – Turning Dinnertime into a Game

Interactive games are as fun as can be – it helps to work your dog’s mind (as well as yours!) and quite possibly eliminate unwanted behaviors that happen as a result of sheer boredom.  The Green Slow Feeder takes that idea and goes just a Green-Feeder-In-Use-2little further!  It allows you to help your dog ‘work’ as he eats and is an actual lifesaving device in many ways. Fun and unique, the Green Feeder revolutionizes the way that you feed your dog in so many ways.

Designed to be a feeding tool, the Green Slow Feeder makes a game out of dinner time!  Put the amount of food that you wish to feed your dog across the Green and watch as your dog works to get his food out from between the ‘blades’ of grass.  This exercise at dinnertime will help to give your dog mental stimulation and think before he eats.  Much more involved than simply scarfing food out of a metal bowl, the Green Feeder is also perfect for slowing down those dogs who Green-Feeder-In-Use-1tend to be gulpers.  Gorging on food and eating too fast can be one of the most prevalent causes of bloat – a deadly disease that affects nearly all breeds of dog.  By causing your dog to eat more slowly as he ‘hunts’ for his food, this risk is severely negated, especially for kibble fed dogs who are most at risk.  The Green Feeder will also prolong feeding time for those dogs among us who are on reduced rations due to obesity, a growing problem in our society today, and one that takes years off of our best friend’s life.  While a bowl full of diet rations might seem paltry to many highly food motivated dogs, the same amount of food spread throughout the ‘grassy’ valleys of the Green Feeder will occupy them longer and make them feel as though they have had a long leisurely meal.

The Green Feeder can be used with any sort of dog diet – raw, dehydrated, cooked, kibbled or canned.  Just spread whatever it is that you feed across the Green Feeder and voila – its a working dinner party!  Its made out of a heavy duty plastic that can be used inside or out and which is dishwasher safe.  The plastic used is phthalates free which means its safe for your pup, unlike many plastic products out there on the market today.  Designed so that one size can be used for all dogs, the Green Feeder is sure to turn your pup’s eating into a challenging game.  This means that you, as busy as you are, can combine fun and food all in one sitting!