Great Pet Internet Sources

In this, the age of computers and the internet, its the norm for people to head to “google” or the web in general when they have a question about something or need information.  Sometimes it can be hard to sort through all the muck and come up with the answer that you want.  For this reason, we would love to share those sites that we have found useful and informative or just plain fun!

Raw feeding websites are varied and diverse.  It seems that everyone has an opinion and really, that’s okay!  We may not all agree with what a particular site says – we may think its silly, but sometimes its nice to be able to review differing opinions and ideas and to, from that, come up with our own way of doing things, our own variations and our own opinions.  Below is a list of raw feeding sites that YOU might find helpful and/or interesting:

The internet has become one of our main resources for answering any manner of question about our canine companions

A Place For Paws – Had to do it!  Our site offers not only food BUT information.  Our blog, FAQ’s and articles are a great resource for anyone thinking of feeding raw

Top 50 FAQ’s For Raw Feeders – This is one of our favorite sites.  Very comprehensive, easy to read, easy to understand and fantastic whether you are new to raw or have been doing it for awhile

Raw Learning and Raw Feeding FAQ – This site has a long list of FAQ’s that cover a myriad of topics.  The author of this site is primarily a prey model feeder and states her opinions accordingly BUT be that as it may, many general topics are covered as well regardless of raw feeding style

Tom Lonsdale’s Raw Meaty Bones – You will find Lonsdale’s book on this site as well as many articles that he has written and lectures he has given as well as those by others.

Caber Feidh Natural Diets and Holistic Care – this comprehensive website, built by a Scottish Deerhound enthusiast, has very useful diet information as well as a wealth of information regarding holistic care in general

Health issues are yet another HUGE internet search topic when it comes to our pets.  What to do, what to feed, what to supplement – anything and everything we can find out that may be the key to keeping our animals healthier.

Dog Aware – Probably THE most comprehensive site for health information as well as diet and raw feeding resources.  This is the go-to site for many ailments that are prevalent in our furry friends such as kidney disease, liver failure, heart problems, skin issues, hypothyroidism….the list goes on and on!

Dr. Jean Dodd’s Vaccine Protocols – a succinct look at Dr. Dodd’s vaccine protocols for puppies and adult dogs

B-Naturals Newsletter – A huge list of newsletters relevant to many aspects of your dog’s life concentrating mainly on health and diet

Training articles are also in high demand – google a problem and see what solutions you get online.  Here are a few to consider:

Clicker Solutions – positive training techniques centering primarily on using a clicker.  Divides training problems into categories so you can find what you need to concentrate on quickly

Dr. P’s Training Articles – a HUGE library of training articles including some basics on responsible dog ownership and acquiring a new pet

Patricia McConnell’s Blog – Training from a slightly different perspective centering on behaviors and the relationship between humans and dogs

Shirley Chong – Leading the Dance – This website offers many solutions and steps to follow to make sure your relationship with your dog is a fulfilling one

Karen Pryor and the Clicker – One of the leading clicker trainers in the world, this site gives you quick and easy answers as to just what this thing called “clicker training” is about

Included above are only a FEW of the wonderful sites that exist on the web from which we can gain insight and answers – or at the very least, opinions that may make us think…We’ll make sure to add more favorites as time goes by – that’s a promise!