Grain Free Buddies Are Here!

Chewy Buddy Biscuits have long been a favorite with our customers and at our training and daycare facility.  Small, easy to break into small pieces, great smelling, great ingredients and tasty as can be.  Now they are even BETTER!  Introducing Grain Free Chewy Buddy Biscuits!

Yes, you heard correctly!  Those fabulous little chewy Buddies now come in a grain free formula.  Have a grain sensitive dog?  Simply feel that grains are not something a dog needs or should have?  Want great treats that your dog will love and that are 1o0% made in the USA from American ingredients?  Look no further – Cloud Star has read your mind!

Available in 4 tasty flavors, any dog will be able to find a favorite!  Slow Roasted Beef and Rotisserie Chicken are the meaty ones of the bunch while the Smooth Aged Cheddar and the Homestyle Peanut Butter will make your dog smack their lips in anticipation!

100% grain and gluten free, they honestly are perfect for dogs on a grain free diet.  All ingredients are easily digestible and nutritious.  They have no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives as well as no corn, wheat, soy or egg!  The meat flavors are single protein only – you won’t find any chicken hiding in your beef or pork hiding in your chicken with these treats!  This makes them easier to give to dogs with particular protein allergies.

Make it easy on yourself and your dog – check out these incredible grain free chewy treats instead of wasting your time at the big pet superstores trying to find something – anything – that isn’t made in China or full of junk.  Perfect for snacks, training class and training at home.  You will always want to have a bag on hand – or face mutiny by your furry best friend!