Gotta love those reviews!

dirk-coursing1.jpgIts one thing when WE say our customers are satisfied but its a better thing when they say it themselves!

We always do our best to get our orders out ASAP. For people who are two shipping days away from us that means getting it out our door by no later than Wednesday. Generally if you order prior to Wednesday noon your order will get out that day. Sometimes you can order even LATER and it will STILL go out! We pride ourselves on not making folks wait (well, not making their furry friends wait!) and do our absolute best to make sure that doesn’t happen. Sometimes there is an emergency – someone forgot to order and the food is running out. All they need to do is let us know and if at all possible we will push that order up as necessary. We aim to please!

Long time customer Thora S., who rated us an overall “excellent” notes:

“Very fast service as always!”

Since we produce our food weekly from the freshest of ingredients (often straight from the farm!) our products seems to appeal even more to our discriminating feline and canine clients. Look soon for a chronicle of how that food you scoop into those waiting dishes gets into those nifty containers and bags!

Another long time customer, Gayle P. says:

“A Place for Paws is a wonderful business. I have personally
visited their production facility and have seen the top-quality ingredients
they use in the food. The people are first-rate and true animal-lovers.
AAAAA+++ in my book!!!”

Is there any rating better than AAAAA+++???!!!

Remember, if you are in our area and would like a tour of our production plant just ask! We’ll be happy to oblige. Just remember on tripe day it tends to be a little on the pungent side!

Customer service is something that we pride ourselves on. You have questions? We have answers. If we don’t we’ll FIND them for you! No stupid questions is our motto – if its something that is puzzling you than its probably been on the minds of several other people. If we have a problem filling an order for whatever reason you can be assured that we will call you immediately and probably email you as well! We want to make sure that you are in on any decisions that need to be made with your order. You might even get a call from us if you haven’t ordered in a while – we notice things like that and want to make sure that everything is okay. So, if you need help, have a problem, have a question or just want to chat, give us a call and we’ll do our absolute best to oblige!

Sally B., a regular customer of ours had this to say:

“I’ve been ordering from A Place for Paws for the last 3 years about
twice a month.
Not only is the product excellent – but the service is wonderful and.
they are pro-active about telling you if a product is not available and
during the summer months have even received phone call advising on how
much to ship so that the product stays cool.
I wish they could ship in dry ice in the summer – but, I understand why
they cant. If you order enough food it will still arrive frozen.
I have no complaints at all and find them a well run organization and
very customer friendly.
My dogs [love] them too!”

Keep em comin’!!!