Freeze Dried Raw Can Make Travel Easy

Many people balk at switching their dogs to a raw diet because they are afraid of the trouble they might have feeding their dogs when on the road.  In reality, its not all that hard.  While some people prefer to buy raw meaty bones on the road or bring along a cooler for their dog’s food, others would rather not have to pack a whole weeks worth of meals.

Freeze Dried Raw comes in easy to feed medallions

Freeze Dried Raw can make that problem disappear.  Able to be fed dry or re-hydrated, our Freeze Dried Raw is easy to pack, doesn’t require refrigeration and has simple and concise feeding instructions.  Freeze Dried Tripe would likely be the absolute best item to travel with being that its a relatively complete food.  Calcium and phosphorus are both present in the exact ratio that you would want so nothing to add ever.  Using the Tripe in conjunction with our Freeze Dried Turkey and Freeze Dried Chicken, can make for a fantastic variety of foods to feed while you and your pup are on the road.  Both the Turkey and the Chicken contain not only muscle meat, but heart and liver as well, the only thing lacking being a supply of calcium.  If you are at all concerned, adding a product such as Eggshellent Calcium to the mix is perfectly fine.  However you decide to do it, the end result is an easy way to keep your dog well fed rather than compromising him by using a commercial kibble.  Another solid plan is to plan ahead to purchasing some raw on the road OR bringing some with you to use in

Freeze Dried Tripe is one of the best to feed as well as one of the most popular with even picky canines

conjunction with the Freeze Dried Raw.  Alternating adds another aspect of variety to your dog’s diet.  It also makes the total amount of raw frozen foods that you have to carry along or will limit the number of times you need to make a grocery store run for some chicken legs!  In the end only you know what will work best for your dog but luckily our Freeze Dried Raw can make your choices clearer and your decisions easier!