Freeze Dried Raw As A Meal

Fresh raw foods are what we know are best for our pets.  We do our best to make sure that they get a good variety of different protein sources and the best quality stuff that we can find – like Raw from A Place For Paws.  Occasionally though, it becomes necessary to feed something that isn’t straight out of the fridge or freezer.  At those times wouldn’t it benefit our pets to feed the next best thing?

Freeze Dried Raw is just that next best thing.  While actual fresh raw food is the number one food for our little carnivores, in a pinch, our Freeze Dried Raw can give your pet a healthy meal that will do his body good!  With no added junk, our freeze dried consists of only the best ingredients.  The tripe has nothing but tripe, the turkey and chicken nothing but muscle meat and organs.  No preservatives, no carbohydrates.  Just ultimate goodness.  It can be fed dry or reconstituted with water to make it even more like fresh.  Your dog will love it either way.

While feeding Freeze Dried Raw on a daily basis can be expensive, especially for larger dogs, using it in a pinch or when on a trip, can be a great way to keep feeding your pet right.  It can also be useful on those days when you simply forget to thaw anything out.  It has happened to all raw feeders at one point or another – get home from work and realize everything in the house is frozen solid!  Don’t panic – keep a couple of containers of Freeze Dried Raw on hand and you will have a quick nutritious meal that your pet will love.

Available in Chicken, Turkey and Tripe, this freeze dried product can be helpful in a myriad of situations – from long car and camping trips to days when you just don’t remember everything you need to!  Remember too that Freeze Dried can be a lifesaver when you find yourself in trouble due to storms, power outages and impassable roads.  Make sure your best friends are provided for – get some Freeze Dried Raw into your cupboards now!