Freeze Dried Beef Liver – 100% Pure Taste!

When talking about dog treats, pureness is a number one concern.  In light of the recent recalls and ingredient issues, one cannot be too careful as to what we offer our dogs as a treat.  Sadly, this is reality. That makes our job clear – offer wholesome, safe, tasty, high value treats that are going to make your dog ‘smile’.

Pro-Treat 100% Pure Beef Liver Treats for Dogs are just the ticket.  Made from real USDA inspected beef liver, these bite sized treats are sure to tempt any dog.  Made completely in the USA, the uncertainty of treats made elsewhere is negated.  Since they are made from just one ingredient, you know absolutely what you are feeding your dog.  If your dog has allergies or an intolerance to grains, by-products, preservatives or artificial anything, you definitely don’t have to

Safe, healthy, nutritious – all with spectacular taste that your dog will absolutely do flips for!

worry if using these special treats.  One ingredient – nothing else.  By freeze drying the liver, each treat maintains the aroma, full-flavor and nutritional value of 100% beef liver.  With a minimum of 50% crude protein and 5% fat, these low calorie treats won’t add to an already sizable waistline either – when given in moderation of course!

Liver itself is such an important part of any dog’s diet.  It is THE item for supplying Vitamin A and B12, but offers so much more.  Vitamin wise you will find riboflavin, folate, niacin, B6 and thiamine all from just this one source!  Beef liver certainly doesn’t stop there though!  It is also a fantastic source of copper, selenium, phosphorus, iron and zinc as well as omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids.  Well known for promoting heart health, this power treat will help you to supply your dog with necessary nutrients that are vital to his well being.

These treats are already diced into reward sized pieces which makes them perfect for training and obedience work.  Full flavored and high value, these snacks will help you to bring the best out in your dog!