Seven DON’Ts at the Dog Show

Dog shows are a great way to see lots of breeds of dogs in one place. They are a good place to talk to people who know dogs and know dog breeds. They are a great place to shop for all sorts of doggy things. Dog shows can be a great way for a family to spend the day. So, go and enjoy the dog show…

…BUT DON’T do these things.

These are the things that annoy the people who show dogs and make them less likely to be pleasant and talk to you.

  1. Don’t Touch This!  Some of the people who are showing their dogs have spent many hours and have been up since the crack of dawn or before to groom their dogs to perfection. Don’t ever assume that it is okay to touch a dog’s coat or pet a dog. Even a dog with a short coat has been prepared for the ring, both physically and mentally, so it is not appropriate to touch any dog at a show without asking.             DO NOT Touch This
  2. Don’t Bring This!  While there are many dogs at the dog show, it is not the right place to bring your pet. Many show sites do not allow unentered dogs on the ground and they will ask you to leave if you show up with one. Mostly, though, it is hard to enjoy the show when you are trying to control your dog in this stimulating environment.    Don't Bring This
  3. Don’t Guess the Breed!  While you may think you know what the breed is, it is probably better to ask the handler what breed it is rather than guess. Nothing annoys a person faster than having you ask if their top winning Afghan Hound is an Irish Setter.
  4. Don't Guess The Breed
  5. Don’t Stand Here!  The ring entrance is definitely not the place to stand. It is generally clear even at a very busy show not because people have left it open for you but because it is where much of the high pressured exiting, entrancing and exchange of dogs takes place. It is generally a good idea to find a place away from that busy area to view the ring from.  don't stand at the gate
  6. Don’t Look in There!  Many of the motorhomes at the dog show are gorgeous and very interesting. They are the center of operation for handlers and the place of rest between ringtimes. But most importantly, these motorhomes, camper and trailers are someone’s home and just as you wouldn’t  poke you nose in the lovely house down the street without being invited, don’t look in these homes.  Don't Look In Here
  7. Don’t Pet This!  There are so many cute dogs around the dog show, it is hard to resist petting them all. However, when a dog is in an exercise pen, you should not reach over and try to visit, especially if the dog is unattended. The exercise pen or a dog’s crate should be a safe place for the dog to relax or do his business safe from prying hands.   Don't Pet Me
  8. Don’t Talk to Her!  When a handler is standing at ringside intently watching or waiting for their turn to go in, don’t try to talk to them. They may be getting ready for their turn or they may be watching the action themselves. It is best to wait for a more relaxed time when they are not showing to try to engage them in conversation.Don't Talk To

So go to the dog show to enjoy, to cheer, to learn and to shop but follow some simple rules of dog show etiquette to make your dog show experience a pleasant and fulfilling one.

Coming up  – The Seven Dos at the Dog Show!


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