Dogs Get Bored Too – Switch Up That Food

Ever eat the same thing four times in a week?  You know, you made a big bunch of stew and you don’t want it to go to waste so it seems like you are eating stew for lunch and dinner all week long?  By the end of the week you are about sick and tired of stew…probably you can’t imagine making it again any time soon.  Who can blame you?  Why should your

Dogs get good and TIRED of eating the same thing day in and day out!

dog be any different?

Occasionally, calls come in asking if we have changed our recipes, if something could be wrong with the food, what on earth has changed??!!  Invariably the answer is “No”, “No” and “Nothing” – our product is consistent and the same batch after batch after batch.  Why do they ask such things?  Invariably they are facing a dog who has refused to eat the exact thing that they HAD been eating for a good amount of time – months, sometimes years.  What doesn’t seem to occur to anyone is that perhaps their dog is just BORED!

Yes, plenty of dogs out there eat the same brand and flavor of kibble day in and day out.  Sure they skip a meal here and there but by in large most dogs will eat the same old thing over and over and over again….how depressing!  Does this mean they are happy doing it?  Not really.  Is it the healthiest thing for them?  That would be a resounding NO.  Let’s look at it from a human perspective – how would you like to eat Total cereal day in and day out, breakfast, lunch and dinner?  Even if you believed Total cereal to be your favorite food in the whole world – do you think that you just might eventually get tired of it?  Probably relatively quickly we would think!  Well, in reality, even though he’s not a human, your dog gets sick of things too!

While you don’t have to serve rack of lamb, adding something a little different can’t hurt – try beef or tripe if you normally feed all chicken for example

They key to any good raw diet is variety and we do try BUT invariably there are particular meats that we depend on more heavily than others – which is perfectly okay but….beware the “snub” from your dog.  It doesn’t always happen – some dogs just don’t care as long as some form of food is going into their mouths.  Others seem to be that way but then out of the blue decide that one particular item isn’t to their liking anymore.  Recently I have witnessed this phenomena in my own home.  My 14 year old German Shepherd Dog was (and IS again) on a primarily tripe diet.  Always a somewhat sensitive dog, he simply has been doing the best on Raw Green Tripe.  Then he stopped eating it.  Admittedly, even I didn’t hit on the “bored” explanation. I assumed he was sick, it was caused by new medications or he was just in decline…something.  In reality, he did indeed turn out to be bored.  Solution?  I simply switched it up a bit.  After three days of  other meats (turkey and beef) I successfully went back to tripe but with the knowledge that I have to throw something else out there every couple of days or so.  Sometimes a dog will take longer than a day or two to get over it.  That’s fine.  Just switch it up a bit for a while.  If your dog all of the sudden is off beef, leave those containers in the freezer – give em a break.  Chances are, after a week, they will eagerly welcome it back into their menu.

So while one particular meat may be your staple and may be what you feed “the most”, your dog isn’t always going to act like its the greatest thing since sliced bread.  They, just like us, get tired of the same old thing.  If you are feeding raw, you should, already, have a decent repertoire of different protein sources that you are pulling from – at the LEAST, beef, tripe, chicken and turkey along with other items thrown in here and there.  Finances, availability and convenience often cause us to depend on one thing a little more than other things – and that’s okay.  If your dog seems to go “off” of his staple food – don’t automatically assume there must be something wrong with it – it may simply be that your dog is expressing his wants and needs in the best way that he knows how!