It is the most fun your dog can have without you.

But it is so much more than just fun & games. Is your dog home alone? Bring him to Doggy Daycare


Why Doggy Daycare At A Place for Paws?

A Place for Paws offers a fully interactive Doggy Daycare where your dog can run, learn and play all day with other canine companions and enjoy the company and guidance of our Daycare staff.

Doggy Daycare - so cute!

Most people have the same reaction when we mention our Doggy Daycare – Awww how cute!!! And we’ll be the first to admit, it is pretty darn cute to see how much fun our four-legged friends have at A Place for Paws. However, Doggy Daycare is so much more than just fun and games. The benefits run much deeper than that!

Lots of Exercise

Canine obesity and lack of fitness abounds lately. Boredom and lack of mental and physical exercise is a leading cause of problem behaviors. If your pet is in need of additional exercise for health or behavioral reasons, Doggy Daycare is a great place to start. Dogs in daycare spend at least half of their time being active. Dogs at home alone may spend less then 10% of their time awake. Daycare is good for your dog’s mind and body.

Let Me Relax!

Ever have a day where all you want to do when you get home is relax? Our daycare’s supervised play group offers dogs mental and physical stimulation, so your dog will go home tired and ready to relax with you. A tired dog makes a happy family!

More Focused Training

Whether you are currently bringing your dog to one of our training classes, taking One on One lessons or working with him at home, a day at doggy daycare can help you achieve the focus you need from an active dog. After daycare your dog will be tired and will have had his fill of play with other dogs. Plus after being separated from you, your dog will have missed you and will be ready to perform his best for you.

Separation Anxiety Solution

If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, or stress from being left alone, daycare may be part of the solution. Combined with behavioral counseling, Doggy Daycare can help to make your dog more independent. Your dog will never be alone at our daycare.

Housebreaking Help

If your dog is not housebroken and you need to be away longer then he can “hold it” (over 3 or 4 hours for young puppies), you are setting your dog up to fail. The more accidents you prevent, the quicker your dog will be housebroken. Again we can help! While you’re at work we will make sure your dog or puppy is outside as many times as needed to help build solid housebreaking habits.

Get Outta The Way!

Construction and home improvements can be stressful on the whole family including your dog. Your dog may be frightened or confused by the strange people, noises and smells. Instead of being underfoot, scared or trying to dash out the door, your dog could be playing with friends and getting lots of attention from our daycare staff. When you plan your next home improvement, also plan a trip to daycare for your dog!

Keeping a Watchful Eye

If your dog is recovering from surgery, you may feel uncomfortable leaving him home alone. We would be happy to have your recovering dog at daycare to keep an eye on him for you, and notify you if we feel there are any changes or concerns.

Daycare Eligibility

To come to Doggy Daycare at A Place for Paws, your dog must be at least twelve weeks old, healthy and being cared for as your veterinarian recommends. Dogs over a year old must be spayed or neutered.

In addition, your dog must be friendly with people and other dogs and cannot be protective of food, space or toys. All dogs must be evaluated prior to their first visit.

We can do daycare evaluations at most Saturday & Thursday PlayTimes.  We can also evaluate at certain times of day during daycare hours. Please call to set up an appointment for your dog’s daycare


7 am to 6 pm Monday thru Friday

Call 330-482-4596 to schedule an Daycare and Play Evaluation.

Play day: Every Saturday 11:00-2:00

Play Night Every Thursday 6:00-8:00


Full days

3 or more days per week—$20 per day

1 or 2 days per week—$23 per day

Drop-in rate—$32 per day


Additional dogs from the same household—15% off on full