Daycare.  It’s Not Just for Humans Anymore.

Once upon a time, the thought of taking your dog to a dog daycare was, well, strange.  Sure, it was something you did with your human kids but your dog?  As time has passed, taking your dog to daycare has become something normal, natural and highly useful.  As dog owners realized the benefits and became more enlightened about how one raises a dog, daycares have become more and more popular by the day.  Some non-doggy types may still look at you askance, but then again, they are non-dog people – who is the weird one here?  Not you.


Daycare can enhance the life of your dog in so many ways…

  • Exercise. You know your dog probably doesn’t get nearly enough, right?  And we don’t just mean for fat dogs.  All dogs need fresh air and exercise to be happy and healthy.  Finding a daycare that lets your dog romp and play outside is the best kind of daycare to find!
  • Socialization. Dogs are social creatures.  They like their own kind.  Sure, humans are fine but dogs are where it’s at!  Some dogs don’t play well with others in a group setting, but for dogs that do?  Daycare is like a party.    Single.  Day.  Shy dogs become more confident, listless dogs become more interested in life around them, sad dogs become happy, barkers get to bark and talkers get to talk…well, you catch our drift.
  • Training. Daycare is a place where dogs learn stuff.  Every day.  Dogs learn to potty outdoors, control their impulses, play correctly, listen to their caretakers, be appropriate with other dogs and even some basic obedience.
  • Behavior. Dogs at daycare aren’t allowed to practice bad behaviors.  It just isn’t allowed.  This sort of structure will carry over into their home lives with a little effort from you, the owner.
  • Crate Dogs to Great Dogs. Does your dog have to sit in a crate all day long while you are at work because otherwise you will come home to something of a mess?  Trash on the floor, holes in the couch, a few missing pillows and shoes?  Daycare will get your dog out of the crate and into the sunshine.  You will have the comfort of knowing that your possessions are safe and your dog isn’t crated for long periods of time.
  • Watchful Eyes. Just like humans, some dogs suffer from various illnesses and they get old.  They are still able to interact and play but perhaps they need medicine at a certain time or just someone to watch over them while you are unable.  Daycare can provide a pair of eyes and a knowledgeable caretaker when you cannot fulfill that job.  Old dogs can keep moving, dogs with certain non-contagious illnesses can still stay active and safe since they aren’t home alone.

Dog daycare is a godsend to many working people.  Nobody wants to leave their dog crated for 8+ hours or alone all day long.  If given a choice and a dog that can get along, daycare is an optimal way to ensure your best friend is taken care of when you can’t be around.  Dog owners see the healthy results of regular playtime and appreciate taking home a tired dog at the end of each day.  Owners with dogs who shouldn’t be alone due to age or illness derive comfort from the fact that they don’t have to worry – their dog is well looked after.  Daycare makes for a healthy dog – both mentally and physically. Plus, a tired dog is a happy dog – with a happy owner.

Have you had your dog at a doggy daycare? How was the experience?