DawggieGoPaks – You Won’t Leave Home Without It

Introducing DawggieGoPaks, an easy way to carry everything you need with you when you leave the house with your dog!

Who hasn’t taken their dog for a nice long walk and found themselves scrambling to find a place to put everything they bagblog1want to take with them?  Let’s face it, we tend to carry a whole lot of stuff wherever we go.  A cell phone is a must, an MP3 player (almost a must), poop bags, keys, money, identification, treats, a ball – the list could be endless!  Its hard to find enough pockets for all of it – and then you have to remember which pocket holds what!  If its summer time and warm weather, chances are you don’t have many pockets to speak of.  Enter the DawggieGoPak – designed to make your life easier and walks with your dog more bagblog3enjoyable!

The DawggieGoPak is a uniquely designed bag that attaches directly to your dog’s leash, leaving your hands free to control your dog.  It is large enough to accommodate just about anything you might need on your travels – keys, treats, phone, iPod, poop bags and more.  It boasts a specially designed pocket that will hold a roll of poop bags with a specially designed grommet for ease of access – who wants to fumble around for a bag when its time to clean up after all!  As we know we have to walk our dogs in all types of weather, DawggieGoPaks are made out of water resistant fabric so that you never have to worry about your valuables getting wet.  With its flap closure and Velcro strips, items are kept safe, dry and secure no bagblog2matter what happens.

Choose the color that best suits you and your dog – each design is understated, fashionable and will match ANY shade of dog you might own…or you can dye your dog to match!  The Pak attaches easily to any size leash (even retractable leashes) and can be switched from leash to leash with ease.  DawggieGoPaks are proudly made in the USA and bagblog4were developed by a person just like you and I – a dog owner looking for a solution.  She found one!

The DawggieGoPak might just be the smartest purchase that you have made yet – anything that that makes life easier and makes the time you spend with your pet more enjoyable is a great buy and money well spent!  Check out the DawggieGoPak today and give yourself the gift of stress and worry free walks with your best friend.  Don’t spend your time gathering up the items that fall from your pockets every single time you bend down to pick up poop – get a DawggieGoPak and say hello to ultimate convenience!