Cutting Costs While Adding Variety

Let’s face it, the economy is hitting everyone hard.  Yes, its getting better – slowly but surely – but still, if you can save at all isn’t that a good thing?

Little dogs as well as cats do quite well on chicken necks. Remember to feed according to your pet’s size as well as eating style.

Many of our existing and potential customers have long fed their dogs of all shapes, sizes and ages, ground raw mixes.  Its easy and convenient.  What they don’t realize is that some of their food costs could be lessened while at the same time they give their dog or cat something new, exciting and, well, kind of cool!  The introduction of whole raw meaty bones to your pet’s diet can save you money and more likely than not, thrill your dog or cat to bits!

Turkey necks are great for large dogs but can be cut in half or thirds for smaller meals

The addition of raw meaty bones is sometimes a leap that people are a little hesitant to make.  Its sort of big, has bones in it, looks gross….but its time to GET OVER IT!  Your dog can handle it – would we lie to you?  Just think of the smile that will come to your face as you witness your dog’s joy in crunch crunch crunching those bones!  Its a most satisfying sound, of that I can attest!  For smaller dogs, cats and puppies there are chicken necks – perfectly sized for their needs and jaw size.  As your puppy grows, and for larger adults, chicken backs and turkey necks make perfect RMB’s (remember to always feed size appropriate!).  Sometimes they need a little help initially in figuring out what it is exactly that you have dropped into their food dish (some need no such assistance, they just KNOW), and perhaps you have a piggy dog who needs to be encouraged to chew, BUT all dogs and most cats will thrill in their meals!  Great jaw exercise, great meat to bone ratio and in the case

Backs are great for dogs and puppies of all sizes. If one is too much than simply cut in half for a meal sized portion

of chicken backs, clinging organs adding to their chickeny goodness!

Its really NOT scary at all – its what those teeth of theirs were made for I swear!  Alternating your dog or cat’s meals between APFP Raw ground mixes and raw meaty bones can help you to easily give your pet some variety as well as cut some of your raw feeding costs.  Your pet AND your wallet will thank you!