Cran-Tri-C – For Immune System and Urinary Tract Health

Due to the fact that dogs manufacture vitamin C within their own bodies, it was long thought and accepted that they did not need to procure it from outside sources.  As time went by and the benefits of the vitamin became apparent, people began to see that while dogs did produce their own, it benefited the dog to have a little extra – especially when particular problems were present.  Vitamin C is depleted in a dog’s system relatively quickly in times of stress, illness or injury – cran tri cjust at a time when they need the vitamin most.  Supplementation is the way to negate those negative effects and to help your dog recover more quickly.

Vitamin C is a great way to keep our dogs from getting sick and to help them deal with a myriad of diseases.  Common viruses, like Bordatella (kennel cough) and its many strains, can be avoided by the judicial use of vitamin C to boost immune system health.  This is especially true during any times of stress which is the greatest time of natural vitamin C depletion in dogs.  Vitamin C is also beneficial to joints and almost a cran tri c2necessity in older dogs where their bodies have become less proficient at manufacturing their own vitamin C.

Cran-Tri-C is a perfect way to give your dog that extra added “C” that can help them on their way to optimal health.  It combines all three types of vitamin C:  Ester, Sodium Ascorbate and Ascorbic Acid.  It is then blended with cranberry powder which helps the body utilize the vitamin C and has the added bonus of improving urinary tract health and can be used to prevent UTI’s in dogs.  Having it on hand when your dog is exposed to illnesses like kennel cough or comes down with the virus, can help to decrease the amount of time your dog has to deal with the sickness or prevent the sickness from ever taking hold.  Cran-Tri-C packs a walloping 2500mg of C in each half teaspoon and can be mixed directly into your dog’s food – a little bit goes a long long way!

Cran-Tri-C –  an excellent way to ensure that your dog has the tools by which to stay as healthy as possible.