Coolest Toys Ever??

Occasionally we come across something so very cool that we simply can’t resist carrying it and bringing it to our customers.  Such is the case with The Cheerful Pet line of unique handmade toys that not only will thrill your dog BUT

Totally unique - your dog will LOVE the Ringzee Ball

are also a great way to help people in need far far away.

Cheerful Pet has made it their goal to not only provide great toys for your pet, but also to provide work for women in

The Tugzee for Two is perfect for a multidog household as well as for human/dog play

need in the country of Nepal.  All of their toys are designed here in the US and then handcrafted in Nepal by local artisans – woman who otherwise, wouldn’t have jobs at all.  In using their talents to craft these amazing items, these women are able to provide for their families, acquire health care for themselves and their children, send their children to school and develop a skill.

There are several varieties of Cheerful Pet toys – and each is absolutely unique because it is handmade.  All toys are made from 100% boiled wool that is imported from New Zealand and is available in a wide array of color combinations.

Tugzees have a very cool handle and are 6' long to give you plenty of "tug" length!

The Tugzee comes in four varieties.  The original Tugzee consists of a handle to allow you to easily play with your dog. The Tugzee for Two and Mini Tugzee for Two are meant for play between more than one dog BUT its still just as easy for you to play the role of the other dog if you want!  The Snake is….well it’s a snake!  Looks like a snake but a bit safer!  Works just like the different Tugzees for multiple dog play or human dog interaction.

The Fuzzees are just like a regular ball but….FUZZIER!  Easy to throw, easy to grip, fun to play with!  Frizzees are soft pliable frisbees that are soft enough to toss around

Fuzzees are a ball with a bit of extra "tickle" factor!

the house if you want!

Ringzees are so very simple but tons of fun – easy to throw, catch and carry, these wool rings are great for a good game of tug o’ war.

Ringzees are so simple yet SO much fun!

They are available in large and small sizes.  The Ringzee Ball is a one of a kind toss and tug toy.  Its design makes it so very easy for any dog to catch and cart around and its softness makes it a safe toy to throw in the house – so long as you take a LITTLE care!  Ringzee Balls are available in large and small sizes.

Let’s face it, we are all on the lookout for the next great toy.  We want something durable BUT it also has to be fun and spark our dog’s interest.  The Cheerful Pet line of toys are just that and more.  Dogs are drawn to the boiled wool material yet its durable enough to last more than one toss or one chew.  Fun and very very cool looking – its just a fantastic toy!