Cool Toys – Bottle Buddy!

There’s just something about the noise that a plastic water bottle makes that drives dog’s CRAZY!  Wrap that same bottle up in a fuzzy furry wrapper and you have a match made in heaven that will give your puppy or adult dog plenty of playtime pleasure!

Bottle Buddies are a soft furry pocket shaped like a dog, pig or cow, that cover up a used water bottle inside.  Far more interesting than “just” a bottle, dogs both young and old tend to love them.  The noise of the bottle keeps them interested and the lack of stuffing makes them last longer than your basic stuffed toy.  The bottle inside, when crushed sufficiently, can be replaced by any used water bottle making these toys environmentally friendly.  You can recycle in the comfort of your own home.  A velcro closure at the bottom of the pocket makes replacing bottles easy and quick plus is strong enough to prevent most dogs from releasing the bottle from its furry companion.

My personal experience is one Bottle Buddy that has made it successfully through 4 large breed dogs and one large breed puppy for the past 8 months.  Its a little ragged, has lost an ear, but still closes, still covers up the bottle and still performs as well as the day it made its debut.  The cover is fully washable if it becomes necessary but honestly – haven’t washed this one even once yet.  I think my dogs prefer it slightly soiled truth be told.

In the neverending quest that we, as dog owners, seem to be on in search of durable lasting toys, this is probably one of the best values I have found – the dogs love it and anything that can last for 8 plus months in THIS house is a winner in my book!