Cool SAFE Toys – Perfection!

While we are always searching for toys that our dogs will LOVE and never want to put down, we also, as pet owners, are always searching for toys that are durable and safe.  Its not always a combination that is easy to find as we all know!  We at A Place For Paws are constantly on the lookout for the same thing – I mean let’s face it – we are first and foremost, dog owners after all!  Now we have one we would love to introduce you to!

The Biggie Bone is available in three sizes!

Safe Made Pet Products has caught our eye and has earned a much coveted spot in our cadre of cool toys and products for sale.  The cool materials, colors, shapes and designs make for a completely interesting product – for people AND for dogs!

If safety is an issue than how about a toy tested to the federal standards for CHILDREN’S toys?   All Safe Made dog toys are indeed rigorously tested not only for dog safety but in order that everyone in the house will be safe.  These toys and feeding dishes are made BY pet owners FOR pet owners and were developed as the people running the company asked themselves what THEY would like to see on the market.  Upon realizing that there really were no standards governing the safety of pet toys, they asked themselves WHY?  Most people value their pets nearly as much as their children – why shouldn’t safety measures be in place to control the safety our our pet’s toys?  With all the recalls and problems that have been

YUMMY! Tastes like chicken!

prevalent as of late, it seems almost like a no-brainer – but alas, such safety measures don’t exist.  Safemade Pet Company took it upon themselves to make sure that even if they weren’t required to make their product as safe as possible, they were going to do everything in their power to ensure that it WAS.

SafeMade toys are fun, colorful, chewy, bouncy and attractive to nearly all dogs of all sizes!  Their Newt toy is a whimsical and fun toy available in both small and large sizes.  Covered with wart, bumps,  a tail and toes, this toy gives a dog plenty of things to nibble over.   It also comes in “authentic newt flavor” which, of course, tastes like CHICKEN!

How ab out a cat that your dog can chew on to his heart’s content? This is a toy that will make even your darling kitty happy!  Gimme Kitty is available in large and small sizes and while fun to chew on its own, its even more fun when you stuff or bake some treats up inside!  Kitty is oven safe up to 450 degrees.  A colorful kitty filled with yummy goodness?  Way better than the real thing!

The Biggie Bone is one of those toys that your dog is NEVER going to want to give up!  Available in small, medium and large, this innovative chew toy has indentations on either end that can be filled with goodies like peanut butter, frozen to make a cool summer treat or baked to make a bone filled with crunchy goodness – you (and your dog) decide!

The Flexi Bowl isn’t really a toy…though playing tug and fetch with it could actually be lots of fun – especially since its

Great for travelling, tug games, food, water, treats, baking…its an all around tool that both you and your dog can use!

so durable that no matter what you do to it, no matter how hard you are on it, it bounces right back into its original shape!  Flexi Bowl is available in small, medium and large.   Use Flexi Bowl on the road or at home – rolls right up for easy travel as a food or water dish.  Dishwasher safe and safe up to 450 degrees in the oven – you can use it for dog treats OR human treats!