Chiropractor for my DOG???

Just like humans dogs can get themselves all turned and twisted up!

We’ve all been there – joints hurt, headaches, backaches – you name it.  Generally a quick trip to the chiropractor will do wonders for us – have us coming out of the office feeling like a “new” person.  So why NOT for our dog?  Many dogs are athletes as well as pets, and many don’t even compete but play hard and fast and consider themselves athletes regardless.  It stands to reason that they too can get “out of wack” and need a little adjusting.  In minutes, and usually for a relatively low price, a myriad of problems that you may not even know exist can be solved for your dog.

First and foremost, chiropractic adjustments can be incredibly helpful to our dogs’ joints and spine.  Many times a simple spine adjustment can help muscle pain and stiffness and cause a dog who has been slightly off to excel and move more comfortably and efficiently.  A slight twist in the spine that has become fixed can cause a decrease in range of motion and even cause muscle spasms.  Our dogs can’t tell us where it hurts or what that hurt is but often your dog’s chiropractor can immediately tell you just what the problems are simply by running their hands along your dog’s spine.  Such a simple thing for such incredible results.  Usually animals completely enjoy their adjustments – rarely is there even any discomfort at all and some become so relaxed during treatment that they almost seem to doze off!  Usually it is wise to keep your pet somewhat quiet for 24 hours post adjustment – primarily not allowing them to overdo it or go full out – so that their body has the ability to conform to and become used to the adjustment that put them back on track.  After that initial downtime the results are plain to see not only by their better range of movement but also by the quality of that movement, the new found efficiency of that movement and an energy level that seems to soar.

Help your dog reach his full potential by making sure he is aligned and able to move comfortably and efficiently without pain

So trips to the chiropractor aren’t just for us humans anymore!  Appropriate for most dogs regardless of age (puppies can be especially susceptible to misalignment simply from being crowded in the womb!), chiropractic adjustments can be a perfect way to deal with injuries, chronic joint problems or chronic pain in your dog.  When used as an supplement to other joint therapies, chiropractic care can give your oldest dog as well as your youngest dog a new lease on life.