Cats are Carnivores Too

While dogs seem to predominate the world of raw feeding and the world’s of our customers as well, cats are also an very important part of many people’s lives.  Is a raw diet appropriate for the kitties?  Perhaps more so than any other pet we would have!  Cats are obligate carnivores – meat and protein equals life.  Nothing in this world could be more appropriate for cats than a raw diet.

Both cats and dogs benefit from eating a natural diet based on meat, bones and organs

If started from a young age, cats are generally quite easy to acclimate to a raw diet – they take to it like a duck to water and never look back.  It can be more difficult, however, to switch an older kitten or cat over.  They can be slightly more finicky than dogs – even sort of offended when we offer them something new.  Unlike dogs you can’t simply wait them out.  Cats WILL starve themselves, sicken and get to a point where simply cannot eat regardless as to whether they are hungry or not.  Its crucial, therefore, to use caution when switching your feline from dry or canned food to raw.  Some will surprise us and simply eat like they’ve never had anything other than raw.  Others can be a little obstinate.

If you are currently feeding your cats a dry kibble, your first step is to get them onto a canned food.  Even if your kitty never fully switches to raw, canned food is far preferable to dry and so becomes goal number one.  Once you find a canned food that your little darling will condescend to eat (they certainly know what they like don’t they?), start your raw transfer by adding a very small amount to his canned dinner.  Slowly but surely add a bit more raw, a bit less canned.  If all goes well (sometimes it actually does!), your kitty will be eating raw like a pro in a matter of a couple of weeks.  If he puts the brakes on your shenanigans, simply back off and start anew pushing things slightly less and going at a slower pace than originally.

Cats require a slightly higher meat to bone ratio than dogs (though its quite close) and adding more meat, less bone, can sometimes make a difference.  One trick shared by a loyal customer is to add extra organ blends to the Raw mixes in order to make it more enticing to the cat in its entirety.   This also helps to ensure that your cat is getting more than adequate amounts of taurine – an essential amino acid for cats.  Taurine is naturally found in heart meats which are in all of our mixes but particularly found in all three organ blends.  Important to dogs as well for heart health, taurine is even more necessary for felines to prevent  blindness, nervous system disorders, heart problems as well being beneficial to the respiratory and immune systems.

Dietary requirement for cats and dogs only differ slightly and generally they can share the exact same diet with few tweaks

It can be a harder undertaking to switch your cat over to raw.  Starting early whenever possible will make the job easier but even with older cats it IS possible.  For the “big switch”, we recommend various mixes.  Many cats seem to prefer poultry over other meats – to that end we suggest starting out with our Chicken and Turkey mixes.  These veggie free products can be great in the initial stages of transferring your cat from commercial to raw food.  Once you have achieved success with the simple mixes, adding mixes of differing protein sources can become a much easier proposition!