Canine Exercise – Why?



Just like humans, dogs need exercise in order to be healthy and happy.  Along with positive training, wonderful nutrition, appropriate socialization and a loving home, activity and exercise will ensure your dog of a long healthy life – and who doesn’t want to keep their best friend around for as long as possible?

Why do dogs need exercise?  For a healthy body and a healthy mind.  We can be as careful about what we feed our dogs as we want, without an outlet for their physical and mental well being, its certain that your dog will not be at his or her best.  Unfortunately, in today’s society, obesity is not just a problem for people.  More dogs than ever are mildly or even morbidly obese.  This means they are prone to more diseases and issues than ever before.  The lives of obese animals are greatly shortened no matter how much they are loved or how well they are fed (or should we say, TOO well fed).  The goal of any owner is to keep their pet alive and healthy for as long as possible – quite honestly, they aren’t around for long enough as it is.  Activity and exercise is an integral part to making this happen.  By helping them have a trimmer physique, improved heart and lung function and healthier joints among other things, we help them to enjoy life more and for a longer period of time.

Exercise isn’t only good for they physical body, it is also incredibly important for a healthy mind.  Often, behavioral issues that are exhibited by many dogs, are the direct result of a lack of activity and exercise.  Sadly, these behavior problems often result in the dog finding himself without a loving home when his family simply can’t deal with behaviors.  Making sure that your dog is mentally stimulated is easily achieved through exercise.   There is truth to the saying that a good dog is a tired dog.  Lack of exercise can cause hyperactivity, destructive chewing and can lead to a dog who can’t stay still or who cannot seem to pay attention to anyone or anything.  A well exercised dog is a dog whose mind and body are healthy and engaged.  Fewer behavior problems lead to a happier home.  Its important for any dog owner to make sure that your dog has all of the outlets that he needs in order to be at his best.

The reasons for exercising our dogs and making sure that constructive activities are part of their lives are many.  Physical and mental health are chief among them.  As dog owners, it is important that we give particular attention to these needs just as we would to great nutrition, a safe and happy home environment, training and socialization.  In the end, what will result is a well balanced loving pet who will be by your side for years and years to come.