Calm Your Pooch Down With Calm Caps

Anxiety plagues pets just as it does humans.  While it comes in different forms and usually is for different reason, pets, dogs especially, feel anxiety and react accordingly.  While humans are able to vocalize their discomfort and their feelings, our furry friends are not so lucky.  They must get their point across without using language.  Hiding, destructive behavior, vomiting, drooling, shaking and more, are all ways that dogs can express their anxiety.  While there are prescription medications to deal with anxiety, its not always the best option and it should never be your first choice.

Often, anxiety can be dealt with through training and behavior modification.  This can, and does, take time.  In the interim, why not find a natural healthy way to ease your anxious dog?  Just something that will take the edge off but won’t require filling your dog full of drugs that may indeed alter his personality.

Calm Caps by Nature’s Farmacy, can help to alleviate the symptoms of stress and anxiety in your dog and leave them with better focus and a sense of well being.  Many of the most unruly canines have responded positively to this proprietary blend of holistic and organic ingredients.  Valerian root, which is derived from a plant native to Europe and Asia, is known for bringing about calmness and reduces stress and nervous tension (anxiety).  Passion flower, native to the US and now grown in Europe as well, is another extract that aids in nervous tension and anxiety.  Its calming effects are used by suffers of nervousness, anxiety and insomnia.  Tahitian Kava Kava root is well known in Polynesia and has been used for years as a method of calming nerves, relieving stress symptoms and battling fatigue.  It is said to have anti-depressant qualities that can induce a tranquil and happy state of mind.

Three ingredients and all natural.  Just think what this simple product could do for your pooch.  Have thunderstorm problems?  Give it a try – perhaps it can take the edge off enough that your dog will no longer have to tremble and hide.  Many dogs who are sick in the car aren’t suffering from motion sickness at all – they simply are so anxious to be riding that they make themselves ill.  Using Calm Caps as a way to alleviate their anxiety could go a long way towards making even the shortest trip more enjoyable, not to mention when you need to travel far distances.  Dog shows can be great fun for both owner and pet but occasionally you have a dog for whom the hustle and bustle around the ring is just too much – they can’t stand for the judge or move properly around the ring due to their anxiety stemming from what is happening around them.  Take the edge off and watch your show dog shine in the ring without harmful chemical medications.

Choose the safe natural path to mental well being for your pooch and give Calm Caps a chance.  Each bottle holds one hundred 400mg capsules.  Dosage is one capsule for every 20# of body weight.  Certainly their effect may vary from dog to dog but, as evidenced by the customers who keep coming back for more, chances are you will find a remedy that will keep your dog safe, happy and tranquil!