Brisco – A Survival Story


Brisco is one of our regular local customers who’s humans come to pick up his food and treats (Brisco LOVES chicken feet!!!) I can’t think of a better way to tell Brisco’s story than he does himself!

“Who needs Curves? Who needs Silver Sneakers? The YMCA? What my
fellow canine friends need is…….raw meat. Let me relate my story and, in
the end, you be the judge.

It all began on a cold January 18th in the year 2005. I was just a
little over 3-1/2 years old and I am an Old English Sheepdog. I never
was sick, not even the flu!! But that night I had my first seizure. I was really shaken up. My owner was worse!! He had never seen me act like this before. He called the emergency hospital and the
receptionist told him to call back and bring me to the hospital only if I had another one that night. I didn’t, but my veterinarian was called the next day and an appointment was made. What caused the problem? Did I drink something that I should not have? Did I eat something yucky? I know
that I like to eat, but only if it smells good. The doctor explained to my owner and me that sometimes dogs just have seizures and there is not an explanation for them. The vet treated me for 11 months and I still was not getting any better. Out of desperation, my owner sat at his computer and began searching for some answer to my seizures. Lo and behold, he found Beaver Animal Clinic in Beaver, Pennsylvania, and a veterinarian was trained in holistic medicine as well as traditional medicine. My owner made an appointment with “Dr. Doug” Knueven on November 17, 2005. At that time, I had had about 97 seizures since January. My whole personality had changed. I was very lethargic and all I wanted to do was sleep. My previous vet had given me a medication which made me thirsty and
hungry!! Plus, all I wanted to do was constantly urinate! I would not chase a ball. I could not even walk without tripping. I was a mess! Dr. Doug evaluated me, and, after consulting with my traditional
previous vet, he put me on medication and ordered me on a strict diet. How was I to get rid of all the carbs that I ate? Where was Dr. Atkins when I needed him? What was I to do? Dr. Doug explained to me and my owner about raw meat. My owner said, “Yuck, ” but I was willing to try anything and boy did I!! When my owner gave me my first dish of raw meat (as I recall it was chicken and veggies), I went nuts! No gourmet canine chef could make a better dish!! Before when I was given
“kibbles” to eat, I would casually eat from my bowl and not care if the kibbles fell out of my mouth and I never ate it again. But when my owner gave me the raw meat (he mixed a little kibble with it to help my transition), I attacked my bowl and ate every bit of food. No meat was on the floor! No meat was in the bowl! All of it was in my stomach!! The best benefit of all was that I have only had 4 seizures since then and I have lost 8 pounds. When I had my last 2 seizures, I had eaten all my owner’s hamburger buns on one day and the next day I ate his flat bread. I am staying away from bread for good and eating raw meat.

When I am a good boy, I get a snack of chicken feet. They are dehydrated and are really yummy. My birthday is June 13th, and I overheard my owner tell his friend that he bought me dehydrated lungs
and hearts. What a great present! My new body is really svelte. I am once again playing with balls,
running, and I have my fantastic personality back. I am no longer a couch potato and do not look like “Porky Pig.” Thank you, Dr. Doug and A Place for Paws, for giving my life back to me.

P.S. My buddy Leo is a real finicky eater. I gave him a bag of my chicken feet treats. His owner told me that he probably wouldn’t eat them, but……guess what?! He loves them!! Sorry, Leo, I am not
sharing mine with you anymore. Buy your own!”