Bottle Buddies Squeakers – Crunch and squeak all in one!

If your dog thought that the original Bottle Buddies was a cool toy, wait until they get a load of THIS one!  Introducing the Bottle Buddies Squeakers!  Not only do they crunch, but they squeak too!

Based upon the same design as the original Bottle Buddies, these toys offer just a smidgen more – a removable squeaking bottle cap that can be removed and reattached whenever you replace the bottle.  The durable plush cover over the internal plastic water bottle, makes this an all around safer toy than just handing your dog a bottle.  Any sharp edges are

Thrill your dog with the crackle of a bottle and the joy of a squeaker – in one COOL toy!

softened and covered by the plush which means less danger for your dog.  The Velcro closure at the bottom makes switching out for a new bottle easy as can be.  As soon as its flattened, simply replace.  Its a fantastic way to recycle!  The squeaking cap is interchangeable with any similar sized bottle – just take it off before you discard the old so that you can put it on the new!  Because the bottle is so easily (and cheaply) replaced, this toy will last far longer than most other toys -just keep replacing the bottle when it stops crackling and you suddenly have a brand new toy!

Bottle Buddies Squeakers are available in 5 different designs – Monkey, Shark, Dog, Pig and Lion.  Choose one, choose them all – your dog will be thrilled no matter what!  Don’t forget to check out the original Bottle Buddies as well – for those who would rather have only a crackle with no squeak – equally fun, equally safe, equally as easy to use!