Best raw feeding list on the planet!

july-11-2006-010.jpgFind yourself wishing you had someone to turn to when you have a basic feeding question? Wishing that someone who has been there and done that can ease your mind or give you some great ideas? Out of all of the raw feeding lists you can find nowadays on the ‘net, Raw-Lite is, to us, one of the best that you could hope to find! Friendly and helpful, you will never be slammed for not doing things “right”, never be banned for disagreeing, never be flamed for stating an opinion. Knowledgeable people who’s experiences range from brand new to years of BARFing will be more than willing to help you out when you have a question. Even if you just want to brag about how great your pet is doing you will encounter a friendly group who wants to celebrate with you! Check out Raw-Lite as a resource to help you learn and a place to make friends and have fun!