Avoid The Recalls – Treats That Won’t Let You Down

Treat recalls got you down?  Tired of worrying about what you are going to use in training class?  What on earth is safe for your dog to have as a bedtime snack?  What’s the deal with all of these RECALLS??!!  Its actually not as hard as you think!

It seems that in the last few years, recalls have become a part of our daily lives.  We hear it on social media, through emails, blogs, websites, news shows and newspapers.  We see signs in the pet stores informing us that a particular product will be unavailable.  Its disheartening and downright scary.  The manufacturers assure us that its fine, they have solved the problem or that it only affects a few of their batch numbers.  Are we supposed to believe them?  Frankly, if batches 500-700 are affected, most of us aren’t going to feel comfortable feeding treats from batch 499!  We hear the news, scurry to the cupboard to make sure its not the same and then move on, waiting for the next alarm.  Its exhausting.  Treats that we used to believe were good for our dogs and cats, company names that we have always trusted – all a part of this epidemic of tainted products.  As the list grows our trust diminishes – and it SHOULD.  What is the solution?

Go small.  Large corporations don’t care about your pets – they care about the bottom line.  They go for the cheapest raw materials and have them made in the cheapest locations possible – usually outside of the United States. They care that they make a profit for their myriad of investors – not that you have a healthy tasty nutritionally sound treat to hand to your pet.  Here at A Place For Paws, the opposite is true.

Our Nothing But….Treats are made right here in our small processing plant by our own hands.  They are single ingredient treats made from nothing but the BEST ingredients!  All meat, no additives, no preservatives – nothing extra, nothing you can’t pronounce!  The name says it all – Nothing But!  Available in 8 varieties including Beef Lung, Lamb Lung, Beef Heart, Pork Heart, Turkey Heart, Chicken Liver, Lamb Liver and Chicken Feet.  That’s all.  The raw product comes from the same local sources that our frozen raw food comes from – all human grade, all of the time.  We don’t cut corners, we don’t outsource, we don’t add questionable ingredients – we don’t take chances.  We use only the freshest of meats for our treats.  This is why we don’t ship in raw product from far away – while it may sound fancy to call something New Zealand Lamb, who wants to give their dogs lamb meat that has been on a plane for 24 hours, then on a truck for who knows how much longer before it reaches its destination?  We don’t believe it making things sounds unique or special or more exclusive, has anything to do with quality.  We use ingredients that are within driving distance from us – we get them immediately and process them quickly knowing exactly where they are and what they are at all stages.

Nothing But…Lamb Lung
Ingredients: Lamb Lung

Why are we so incredibly careful?  Because we care.  Quite simply, we love animals.  We love dogs, cats – you name it.  We feed these treats to our OWN animals.  How many CEO’s of the companies that have had the recalls can say the same?  Do you believe them?  In reality, many of the large pet food and treat companies are simply subsidiaries of far larger corporate machines.  Seems that all too often the right hand doesn’t even know what the left hand is doing – not when its purely profit that drives them.  While the bottom line is important for keeping any business afloat, its not the most important thing.  Quality is.

Nothing But….Treat can go a long way towards easing your mind about what you are feeding your pet.  Why take chances, why spend time worrying?  No need to read an exhaustive list of ingredients and then researching them to figure out what the heck they are – you know already because there is only one per variety.  Easy.  Safe.  Tasty.  Nutritious.  What more can you or your pet ask for?  Put the worry aside and be secure in the knowledge that with Nothing But….Treats, you are giving your pet the best you possibly can.

**Editor’s Note**

For more up to date information on treat and food recalls, please visit this link for a comprehensive list.