APFP mentioned in Whole Dog Journal!

wdj.jpgOnce again A Place For Paws has a mention in the Whole Dog Journal! In an article regarding healthy treats for your dog, WDJ lists what they consider to be the best alternatives to the junk-filled treats that lack any form of “real” meat that you often find in the grocery and pet stores. Among those listed, Nothing But…Treats made right here at A Place For Paws! Our Nothing But…Treats are single ingredient all meat treats with nothing added – the healthiest treats that you could ever give your dog. Definately no question as to ingredients in these babies! Good for training as well as snacks, our Nothing But…Treats come in seven different varieties and will please the most discerning palette. What you see is what you get and there will be no need to research just what a particular ingredient is – – – there’s only ONE per variety! Easy peasy! APFP heartily recommends Whole Dog Journal as a fantastic resource for nutrition, training and behavior problems and alternative treatments for your much loved pup – if you want answers they have probably written an article about it! Thank you to WDJ for giving Paws a shout-out once again!